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Fire Emblem Mafia • View topic - Rules


Check this place to see if you survived last night's ride.


Postby Elias

The Rules

I recommend you read each and every one of them. They are mostly common sense rules that have been used in mafia since the beginning, but there are also some major changes.

Mafia Basics
Mafia is a game traditionally played between two teams: a good majority, and an evil minority. The evil know who they are, while the good have no idea who they can trust or not. At night, the evil people, traditionally called wolves or mafia, murder one of the good people, also known as citizens or villagers. Then the day starts, and a vote is held on who should be lynched. This is the village's chance to off one of the evil people, and it is also where the werewolves must delude the rest of the players into lynching one of their own. Either side wins when the other side is completely eliminated.

Smogon Mafia has made this process much more complicated, more interesting, and more fun than ever before, and hopefully this game will be no exception. The village in this game is represented by the Greil Mercenaries, while the evil mafia sections are the Lopt Sect and the Begnion Senate. Finally, there are also the neutrals, who are not aligned with anyone particular.

At Nighttime
The game starts with Night 0. During this time, lasting 60 hours, everyone who has a night role can choose to use it by PMing the host. If you are not using your night role, please PM the host with a PM titled "Night 0 - Idling", so we don't have to wait the full amount of time if we don't have to. Every subsequent night is the same, except replace "Night 0" with whatever Night number it is, and the nights will only last 48 hours. Once the game draws more to the end, I will shorten nights even more. Of course, nights always end early if everyone sends in their role PMs early.

Note that when I say "PM the host", I mean Elias.

At Daytime
At daytime, the main activity is the lynch vote (explained below), though there are also day roles in this game. Those are just like night roles - send them in before the day is over. The day is over when a majority is reached or when the 48 hours is over. If I don't have a day pm when a majority is reached, I will grant a short grace period of a couple of hours, then move on.

The lynch vote is meant for the village to lynch one of the evil guys. Every user can be assumed to have one vote, though some roles make a user's vote count for a different amount. Vote by posting vote/lynch USER, where USER is of course one of those awesome Disney aliases. Please vote in bold. If you wish to change or withdraw, post that as well, so that only your latest vote will be counted. You may also vote for "no lynch". If the majority votes "no lynch", there will be, well, no lynch!

The More Difficult Stuff

First off, I would like to note that some rules cannot be properly enforced. They require a player to be honest. If you have a problem with a rule, I don't really care. Feel free to speak up about it, but don't go breaking it. If I notice you have broken a rule, I will likely godkill you.

If you have played in Zelda, Apocalypse, Dragonball Z, or The Simpsons Mafia, you will be familiar with the concept of aliases. These Disney forum names are used to conceal the identity of the Smogon players. They are the ones roles, votes and everything else are aimed at unless stated otherwise. It is not recommended you give your alias to anyone unless you fully trust them. And I warn you not to be too generous with your information either, because your alias is not a foolproof defense.

Items have been introduced in Mafia Mafia and been kept in ever since. What items do is usually self explanatory. You can give away items during day and nighttime, though they have the lowest priority of all actions. One of the consequences of this low priority is that you cannot give away your item if you are about to get lynched or killed. If you are holding an item during the night or day, you can choose to Give it to USER with a corresponding title in a PM to the host. You may also Idle with it, and finally you may choose to use it if that is possible (if it is, it's explained). You may not use and give away an item on the same night. Any items given are received at the end of the night or day they are given. Please always send a PM during the night when you hold an item, either for giving, using or idling, so I don't have to wait for you with the update.

Money and Shop
These are new to Smogon Mafia, so please read this section carefully. Every player is given an amount of money, in the currency of Gold (shortened as G). Gold can therefore be transferred as well as items can with the Give command during both the day and night, and it will be received at the end of it. Every player may hold an infinite amount of gold. Every main faction starts with the same amount of gold in total. Gold may have influence on some people's roles (if you are targetted by a thief, they will take all your money), and it can also be used to buy items at the shop. You can also give away money to other players at daytime (Day X - Give #G to USER). Giving money has a lower priority than bidding, so you can only actually receive any money other players give you after the day is over (which means it can be stolen at night, and then be used next day).

The shop is this game's answer to the Scavenger role the last few games have introduced. If a player dies with an item on them, it will end up in the shop's display on the next day. The shop will also have some items in store when the game begins. During the day, players can buy items by PMing the host with "Day X - Buy ITEM for #G", where # is of course the amount of gold you wish to spend on the item. At the end of the day, the item will go to the user that bid the most (the first one who sent the PM, in case of a tie), ready for use during the next night. It will not be announced who bought the item. As much as you wish they could, thieves cannot target the shop till.

How to Win
Mafia Mafia introduced custom win conditions, which have been used sparingly in other games. In this game, a scoring system will be used to determine how much you win the game, and in the end everyone will be ranked from most to least amount of points.

If your faction (Greil Mercs, Begnion Senate, Lopt Sect) wins the game, you gain 10 points.
Your custom win condition may grant you up to another 10 points.

The amount of points is calculated differently for neutrals.

This scoring system was made to encourage both teamwork and deception within your own faction. I would encourage the use of this system in future mafias so that we can have some sort of leaderboard going on. If it's a success, that is.

Alive, Dead, and Everything In Between
If you have been murdered, either by lynch or a killing role, you are dead. From that point, you can no longer vote or use any roles unless you are somehow resurrected (I can confirm nor deny this possibility for now). When you are dead, your role PM will be posted, but your custom win condition will be snipped out.

For this game, I am going to lighten the "deadtalking" rule, rather than trying to enforce a hopeless case.
- The two mafia sections are free to deadtalk to their own team as they please to help in strategic affairs.
- Neutrals are not allowed to deadtalk, since the moment they die, their task is (usually) either done or impossible to fulfill. Therefore, they are to have no influence on the battle between the Greil Mercenaries and the two evil sections.
- The villagers (Greil Mercenaries) are only permitted to deadtalk on a case-by-case basis. If you're a dead villager and you wish to talk to anyone about the game, ask me about it first. Generally, I wish to allow strategic conversations for dead people, but not for them to cause infiltration, inter-team communication or village reunions.

Communication with the Host

Mekkah is the main host in this game, registered on the anonymous forums as Elias. The co-host is Misaki-chi, registered as Lillian.

I would preferably have questions about the game go in my Smogon PM box (click), as I use Elias only for collecting night/day PMs. You may also reach me on IRC, I'm nearly always on as Mekkah in all commonly used channels (#smogon, #warau, #space, #fluodome). Misaki-chi is usually available in those channels as well, also known as jumpluff and Priscilla.

Unlike other games, you are allowed to copypaste conversations with me or my co-host. I will also gladly help people faking conversations or role PMs if I have time AND I don't give away anything about the game.

I will generally only answer questions about your own role and about items you hold, and not those in the hands of others, as to not ruin false claims.

Kindly don't try to wrestle information from me when I do not want to give it. Play with the information you have, and try to get it out of other players instead.

Need to Falseclaim?

Role PMs, fake or real may not be exchanged until Night 0 has ended.

If you're evil, you will probably want to falseclaim to be allied with Greil Mercenaries or even neutral. You may even want to false claim to your own team to make it easier to fulfill your custom win condition. And when talking to a neutral, you may not want to reveal yourself either, whatever you are.

If you need to fake a role PM, use the following format. You can check up with me if you want to know if it's good. I have not been 100% consistent with the formatting. Maybe not on purpose, but why fix it when it can only help the amount of interesting illusions in the game?

You might have noticed the rule about not being allowed to copypaste conversations between you and the host. It's because it's not there. I will gladly help you fake a conversation if you want, or you can just make a fake log yourself. I don't really want to open the can of worms that is faking screenshots though, so just refrain from that, as it gives an unfair advantage to good photoshoppers.

Dear [SmogonUserName],
You are [RoleName].

[stuff about this character's background]

Night Role
[a user's night role, PM the host with Night X - Do Something blabla, do not put this part in if you do not want your role to have a night role]

Day Role
[same as night role except for the obvious parts, different voting behavior also goes here]

You have [the Item]. [what you can do with it]. [again, if someone has no item, then don't put anything]

You have [X]G. Generally double digit amounts.

[Greil Mercenaries/Begnion Senate/Lopt Sect/Neutral/Mr. Burns/Pink Ponies/Italian Mafia/Whatever]

Custom Win Condition
[some flavour text here, sometimes!]
[list of win conditions and how much points each give]

A proper example.

Dear jumpluff,
You are Mundungus Fletcher.

Ike has even gotten help from a whole other world! When you heard there was money to be had, you went to his help right away, maybe to see if there was valuable treasure to be stolen from whatever side.

Night Role
Every night, you may PM the host with title "Night X - Rob USER". You will steal all this user's items and gold. Unless they are Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody or Sirius Black, in which case he will take all your items and gold instead.

You have The Locket. You don't know what this is, but after Night 3, Umbridge will confiscate it. Better find someone to pawn it to before then.

You have 30G.

Greil Mercenaries

Custom Win Condition
5 pts - Trade the Locket for another item
2 pts for every item you steal during the game (5 pts max)

Other stuff

By signing up for this game, you agreed that you play to win according to the game's rules. This means that you will not ruin the game for other people, including the hosts, as a lot of work and planning has gone into it. It also means that I am really, really against any kind of pre-game deal, or relying on any kind of friendship outside the game to help yourself in the game. So if you and your friend are both playing, please don't ruin the whole idea of mafia by making and keeping promises that would hinder you from winning. I'm not going to call out any names here, you know who you are. If you want a game to win with your friends, go play Halo or Neopets or something.

This also means that you don't get to make your own win condition, such as "I want to do a final flash" or "I want to kill Serenity". I will be taking plenty of subs. If you lose interest, or if there's some other problem, contact the host. Don't cause unnecessary drama or gameplay issues. If you notice one of your teammates goes inactive, please say so, so I can sub in someone else. If you find you cannot follow this mafia closely enough, please ask to be subbed out instead of just vanishing.
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