About me

I don't really like to say things about myself. So I won't.

I do like to talk about the random projects I start, though. You can check them out on GitHub breuleux on GitHub or read about them here:

current projects

A site where my sister and I post short stories, updated every Sunday. It was made with Quaint and Earl Grey (see below). Also available in French.
Earl Grey is a new programming language. It compiles to JavaScript and has a lot of neat features such as pattern matching and macros. Earl Grey is my language of choice for all my new programming projects, so even if nobody else uses it, well, I do.
Quaint is a new markup language. It is simple and looks a bit like Markdown, but it is more regular and very easy to extend. It is possible to write macros in Quaint to simplify repetitive operations. Quaint is written in Earl Grey. This blog is written in Quaint.


Terminus is an HTML terminal. It works just like a normal VT100 terminal, the escape codes work, you can run emacs or vi inside it if you want. Terminus's distinguishing feature, though, is that you can embed HTML inside your workflow. So you can print actual tables, plots, and so on, inline.

I also worked on

Theano is an arithmetic expression compiler. It is a Python package which can do symbolic differentiation and analysis of arithmetic expressions, and then compile them to efficient specialized code to run on CPU or GPU. It is mainly used in research on deep neural networks. I am one of the founding developers and have worked on it from 2008 to 2010 at the LISA lab at University of Montreal. I have since stopped working on it personally, but it is still actively maintained.


Selected publications (or maybe that's all of them, who knows):

O. Breuleux, Y. Bengio and P. Vincent “Quickly Generating Representative Samples from an RBM-Derived Process”. Neural Computation, August 2011, Vol. 23, No. 8, Pages 2058-2073

J. Bergstra, O. Breuleux, F. Bastien, P. Lamblin, R. Pascanu, G. Desjardins, J. Turian, D. Warde-Farley and Y. Bengio. “Theano: A CPU and GPU Math Expression Compiler”. Proceedings of the Python for Scientific Computing Conference (SciPy) 2010. June 30 - July 3, Austin, TX

contact me

You can send me email at breuleux@gmail.com and maybe I'll even read it!